How To Make A Mini Backpack From Old Jeans!

How To Make A Mini Backpack From Old Jeans!How To Make A Mini Backpack From Old Jeans!
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Jeans will always be a staple in our closets. They are so comfortable to wear and they can come in a lot of washes, colors, and patterns! But if you have old jeans that you no longer use, why don’t you turn your jeans into a really pretty backpack? We found a video tutorial by Gianny L that will teach you how to do it!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. A Pair of Old Jeans
2. Fabric Scissors
3. Sewing Pins
4. Sewing Kit
5. Ribbon


1. Lay your jeans flat on the table.
2. With a pair of scissors, cut off the legs so that your pair of jeans will look like a really short short.
3. Snip the bottom of the jeans. This will now look like a micro mini skirt.
4. Get a couple of strips of fabric from the jean legs.
5. Fold the strips in half and secure with sewing pins.
6. Sew the folded strips.
7. Turn the “mini skirt” inside out.
8. Insert the strips inside the skirt and secure the ends with pins. (the strips will serve as the backpack’s strap)
9. Sew the ends of the skirt. Use your sewing pins as a guide.
10. Sew a right triangle on the bottom corners of your jeans.
11. Turn your jeans right side out.
12. Loop the backpack strap around the back and place the ends on the upper part of the bag. Sew the straps in place.
13. Sew the black ribbons in the middle.


1. Instead of a backpack, you can turn your jeans into a shoulder bag. All you have to do is to sew one end of the strap near the upper left corner of the bag. Sew the other end of the strap on the upper right corner. Do the same thing on the other side of the bag.

2. To make the bag look more put together, instead of using the black ribbon, try to get a small strip of material from the legs that you cut off.

3. Save the remaining material for other DIY projects! You can make bracelets, necklaces and scrapbooking material.

4. Embellish your bag by adding crystals, decorative buttons, and even embroidered patches!

Ok, check out the video: