24 Best DIY Mason Jar Vases, Votives & Photo Holders

24-Mason-Jar-Vases-Votives-And-Photo-Holder-Ideas24 Best DIY Mason Jar Vases, Votives & Photo Holders – Image To Repin / Share
Image – www.amynewnostalgia.com

Mason jars have become so popular in crafts projects. It’s not really surprising because these jars are very versatile. They can be painted in different colors, textures and patterns. They are also very eco-friendly.

We found a fantastic compilation of mason jar projects from our friends at New Nostalgia that will surely give you a lot of ideas! Here are some of our favorite picks from the list!

1. Painted Mason Jars by Georgia Pellegrini
This is probably one of the easiest ways to spruce up your mason jars. Depending on the kind of look that you want to achieve, you can choose different colors that will go well with your desired theme. If you want something that’s more fit for the spring/summer, you can paint your mason jars in yummy pastel shades. You can also create a vintage-looking design by dipping a Q-tip (or a small cloth) with some paint thinner and then go over the embossed writings. Try to go over random areas of the jar to create a worn-out look.

2. Mason Flower Jar/Chalk Holder by The Created Home
You can use the techniques shown in the tutorial to make a very cool wall decor! Aside from placing your framed pictures or paintings on the wall, you can use the mason jars to place a bouquet of pretty faux flowers. If you’re hosting a party, you can fill it with lollipops or cocktail umbrellas in different sizes (get a bunch of styrofoam cubes and paint them in different colors before sticking your cocktail umbrellas in them). You can hide the wire holding the mason jar by tying its neck with a ribbon and some hot glue.

Caution: If you have cats or small kids, try to place these jars out of their reach. Make sure that the wire and the rod are secured tightly.

3. Fabric Mason Jars by Fellow Fellow

Try to use lace, sheer sequined fabrics or burlap for this DIY project. This will create a more interesting effect when you place your battery-powered tea lights inside the jars. Don’t use real candles for this because the fabric can easily catch fire. You can also use your fabric jars to store your make up brushes and school supplies!

Get more mason jar ideas by checking out New Nostalgia’s awesome list below!