Spoon Ring Tutorial (Printable)

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Image – blog.kirstendanielle.com

Accessories can make a simple outfit look unique. Statement rings can be used for styling. They come in a variety of designs but these kinds of accessories can get expensive, especially when they’re made of precious metals like silver and gold.

Did you know that you can make pretty engraved rings with your silverware? Yes, it’s completely possible! We found a tutorial from our friends at Through the Front Door by Kirsten Danielle Design that will surely make for a fun DIY project!

Make sure that you’re using spoons that are made of sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver that contains 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals. The sterling silver standard has a minimum of millesimal fineness of 925. You will know if something is made of sterling silver if it says “925” on the back of the spoon – but you may need a magnifying glass as the markings are typically very small – and may be worn down if the silver item is old.


1. First things first: Don’t raid your mama’s silverware without her permission! Try to search for sterling silver utensils at thrift stores or garage sales. You might get these at a fraction of the cost as compared to buying brand new ones. You could also try ebay.

2. When it comes to projects like this, it is always best to ensure safety. Wear protective gloves, especially when you’re cutting the spoon and bending it into a ring. If you want to use a blow torch to soften the metal, make sure that you keep flammable items away.

3. If you want your spoon ring to look extra fancy, try to get tiny crystals/gems! Use a strong glue to stick each of them on your spoon ring. If the crystal is too small, use a pair of tweezers.

4. You can still use the other part of the spoon for other projects. Use it to decorate a picture frame or box. Depending on your creativity, you will surely make something that’s absolutely unique and pretty! Another great idea is to paint them in the same color as the box or the picture frame. This creates a nice embossed effect!

Ok if you want to make your own spoon ring, check out Through The Front Door’s tutorial by clicking on the link below!