Vibrant Button Tree on Canvas

Vibrant Button Tree on CanvasVibrant Button Tree on Canvas – Image To Repin / Share
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Who says that you need to have superb artistic skills in order to create beautiful pieces of art? Simple strokes, colors and shapes can instantly turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece.

We discovered a tutorial from Crafts By Amanda that will teach you to easily make a vibrant button tree that will bring life to your walls! The link follows after our comments and suggestions.


1. Practice drawing your tree on a piece of paper. You don’t have to copy the exact same shapes as shown in the tutorial. Go with the flow and create more curvy waves and lines of the branches and create more depth to the drawing by intensifying the edges of the tree with deeper shades of brown.

2. If you want your tree to look more lively, you can draw and color the leaves in different shades of green. It will really make your buttons look like ripened fruits ready for picking!

3. Aside from buttons, you can use bottle caps, paper clips, or any other craft materials that would look great on your artwork. You can choose to make everything look simple by just sticking to one color for your fruits. You can also make a unique version of a family tree by making some golden mini picture frames. Print out pictures of your family and then stick them on your tree.

4. Here’s a unique idea for a Candy Wonderland themed party – If you love Willy Wonka or you just want to satisfy your sweet tooth, make your party seem like a candy land by sticking some Starburst candies or any wrapped sweets on your artwork. Use this to decorate your candy buffet table.

5. Try other simple drawings by making geometric shapes. Fill some spaces with buttons for an interesting pop of texture. You can also draw a simple vase. Paint the vase in a pretty metallic shade. Use the buttons in the design of the vase. Stick some colored faux flowers on the top of the vase. The 3D effect will really make your artwork seem so real!

Ok, here’s the link to the tutorial for your own version of a vibrant button tree: