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Whenever we get to talk about the good ‘ole days, we can’t help but comment on how time really flies so fast. It can never be more true than when you’re a parent. Before you know it, your little one will grow up and drive his own car. That’s why it’s very important for us to live in the now and try to make something that you and your kids will remember in the years to come.

We discovered an amazing tutorial by Creatively Living that will allow you to make a pretty artwork with your kids. It will also make for a nice memento when they grow up! The link follows after our comments and additional suggestions.


1. The tutorial is quite simple and fun. Part of what makes it work so well and look stylish is the color matching – note how the hand prints and the paper used match the 2 colors of the frame. If you want your artwork to look more colorful, try playing with brighter shades but again matching the framing to the painting. You could also try to have them print their hands in different areas of the canvas, or making different shapes such as a circle, instead of doing it in the linear fashion depicted.

2. Another great idea is to give each of your kids a piece of paper that they can work on and allow them to paint whatever they want. For younger kids, you can use their hand prints to create a unique pattern (flower petals, trees, etc.). Once the paint has dried, let them write their names on their projects. Arrange the pieces of paper on a blank canvas and have it framed. You will now have another solid piece of artwork!

3. This activity can get very messy, so line your workplace with pieces of newspaper and let them wear old clothes that you don’t mind messing up.

4. If you have older children, try to get small toys that they used to love when they were little, such as Lego pieces, wooden toys and other knick-knacks. Paint the canvas in any way that you like and then stick the toys on areas where you want them to be placed. Have this piece of canvas framed. Your kids will “grow out of it” but then when enough time has passed they will appreciate it and be glad of the memento!

Learn how to make your own Gallery Wall Kid Art by clicking on the full tutorial below!