DIY Elegant Rose From Streamer Paper

DIY Elegant Rose From Streamer PaperDIY Elegant Rose From Streamer Paper
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If you want to give your room a bit of a feminine decorative flair, use flower vases! Fresh flowers can bring in a lot of happy vibes… but the problem is that you have to replace them every week. This video tutorial by LisasBeautySegment will help put your creativity into high gear!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Glass Vase
2. Styrofoam Ball
3. Streamer Paper
4. Pins
5. Scissors


1. This is a great project to do especially for event decorations. Fresh flowers can get really pricey. Making these paper flowers could save you lots of money in the long run.

2. Use a vase that has a mouth that will help hold the styrofoam ball. Whenever you accidentally knock something over, the ball won’t easily roll off the vase. If you want it to be more secure, you can puncture a hole on the bottom and stick in a clear plastic stick or any wooden stick. If you’re using a wooden stick, you can hide it by filling the vase with colored glass crystals.

3. Make bigger roses by using a roll of streamer paper that has a thicker width. Try out different colors. Use different color combos for different seasons! Soft pastels for spring, bright colors for summer, orange tones for fall and white and red roses for winter!

4. You can buy artificial leaves at an arts and crafts store. Cut out the leaves (if they’re available in bunches), attach a stick and wrap it with a green floral tape and stick it at the base of the ball.

5. You can also make more of these flowers to give out to your friends! Get small styrofoam balls, small mason jars and use a smaller width streamer paper. Use a stick and attach it at the bottom of the ball. Fill in the jars with candies or crystals or anything that you like. Put a ribbon and a tag.

6. Don’t put the vase in moist and humid areas because the water will damage the paper roses.

7. You don’t have to use glass vases for this. You can also recycle old plastic bottles or make a box that’s made up of clear CD cases!

Ok, here is the video: