DIY Woven Paper Bag Tutorial

DIY Woven Paper Bag TutorialDIY Woven Paper Bag Tutorial
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If you have tons of old magazines at home, try to recycle them instead of throwing them out! Here is a tutorial by Kativilaga that will teach you how to make a surprisingly elegant bag from old magazines!

Fun Fact: Did you know that earliest example of a magazine was launched in Germany in 1663? It was a literary and philosophy magazine entitled “Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen” (“Edifying Monthly Discussions”). The first general-interest magazine was published in London. The name of the magazine was “The Gentleman’s Magazine”.

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Several Pages of Old Magazines
2. 22 x 10 cm Cardboard (Used As Template)
3. Cutter/Scissors
4. Laminating Paper
5. 0,25mm nylon thread and needle
6. Bag Handle and hooks


1. Start cutting the magazine pages and use the cardboard template to get a consistent size. You can speed up the process of cutting the pages using 2-4 sheets at a time. You could also use a sharp rotary cutter or paper guillotine to speed up the process. Tip: If you want to have a darker colored bag, you will need to get the darker-colored magazine pages.

2. Get several sheets of laminating paper and cut them to size. Make sure that these sheets are at least 1 cm bigger than the size of your magazine sheets. The laminating paper will make for a waterproof bag.

3. Cover each of your magazine pages with the laminating sheet and remove the excess with a cutter. You would need to make around 209 sheets. *This DIY project takes time so patience is a virtue!*


1. The process is indeed time-consuming, but you’ll end up with a really interesting bag. The video is quite long but it’s great because you can easily follow the steps. She also provides detailed intructions and tips.

2. This bag is really pretty to look at and you can definitely store your things in there. Don’t pack it with too much stuff though, because the bag won’t be able to handle too much weight.

3. It’s really important to use a laminating sheet. It not only protects your bag from getting wet, it also makes it more durable.

Have some DIY fun with your old magazines! 🙂

Ok, here is the video: