DIY Earring and Ring Holder

DIY Earring & Ring HolderDIY Earring and Ring Holder
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If you love collecting accessories, having an organized earring or ring holder will really save you lots of time while trying to look for the ones that you want to wear for the day. This DIY tutorial by BeautySplurge (Lisa Pullano) will teach you how to make cute earring and ring holders that will organize your accessories perfectly. These holders will also add a more stylish touch to your room. 😉

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Picture Frame or Canvas Frame (preferably 12×12)
2. Glue Gun with Glue Stick
3. Black Acrylic Paint or Spray Paint
4. Foam Brush
5. White Rainbow Boucle Yarn
6. Plastic Canvas For Needlework
7. 1 Yard Rhinestone Ribbon
8. 1 Yard Felt Fabric
9. 1/2 Yard Stretch Velvet
10. Ribbon
11. Scissors
12. Exacto Knife
13. Rust-Oleum Protective Spray Clear Gloss
14. Picture Frame Holder


1. Since you will be using an Exacto knife and scissors, make sure that you have something that will protect your work area. Line a cardboard and use it as a protective barrier. Please be careful with that Exacto knife.

2. The yarn looks so beautiful when wrapped around the frame. You can also try using wallpaper fabric or other upholstery fabric that will match the ones that you have in your room. You could even hang the earring holder on the wall and it will make your wall decorations look functional and interesting.

3. You don’t have to follow the exact materials that she used in the video. You can always play around with different items that you can find in arts and crafts stores. The shades that she used are pretty basic but if you want to add a pop of color to your room, you can try bright hues such as pink or blue. Pastel colors look best on feminine tones but if you want something that looks summery, nautical colors are great as well. Your choices are endless!

4. Try to make sure that your accessories are clean and dry before storing. Some accessories tend to fade and there are times when dirt can get in between the grooves. Clean out your rings and earrings by using a toothpick to remove the dirt that is usually stuck in the grooves. Once they’re cleaned out, wipe them with a cloth.

Ok, here is the video: