How To Make A Beaded Rosette Medallion

How To Make A Beaded Rosette MedallionHow To Make A Beaded Rosette Medallion – Image To Repin / Share
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This year’s spring and summer trends are all about beads and prints. You can see these trends in fashion runways and they can really add character to your outfits. This tutorial by our friends at Pow Wows will teach you how to make a beaded rosette medallion!

If it’s you’re first time to learn how to do the beading, it’s best that you start with a circular pattern first. Use small circles so that you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the steps.

They also mentioned that you need to draw the pattern first. It’s a good idea to make use of colored pencils / pens so that you will have a “code” to know where the beads should go.

The finished product looks so unique and pretty and it’s a perfect accessory to wear during the spring and the summer. If you’re getting really skilled at beading, you can make more projects like this to embellish different pieces of clothing. Here are some ideas:

1. “Embellish Your Simple Shirts” – Try buying some T-shirts at Goodwill and create a muscle tank out of them. All you have to do is to take a shirt, lay it on a surface and then with a pair of good scissors, cut off the sleeves and the collar. Stretch these areas after cutting so that they’ll look more natural. Take your beaded patches and stitch them on your shirt.

2. “Bead-ify Your Backpacks” – Make your canvas bags look cool by stitching on your beaded patches. You can also use strips of cloth to make rolled roses. You can stitch ’em in place or you can also use fabric glue. Stick them on your bag to add more variety.

3. “Embellished Shoes” – If you have canvas shoes, you can stick your beaded patches on them. These patches will add a more personal touch to your style.

Ok here’s the link to the full tutorial: