How To Make Easy Daisy Pearl Rings

How To Make Easy Daisy Pearl RingsHow To Make Easy Daisy Pearl Rings
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Rings have a huge amount of history and symbolism. Married people wear rings to signify their union. Girlfriends and boyfriends have promise rings. In ancient days, noblemen used rings to seal documents!

Rings come in countless designs and they can be made of different things like wood and metal. When worn, these accessories can really spruce up your outfits.

We found a video tutorial by simplekidscrafts that will teach you how to make daisy rings from scratch!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Ring Base
2. Beads
3. Pearls
4. Nail Polish
5. Transparent Thread
6. Needle
7. Scissors
8. Glue Gun and Glue Stick


1. Instead of a daisy flower, you can mix any beads and crystals that you like and make your own ring design. You can use a mix of small pearls and crystal beads or you can also use paper beads.

2. If you want something that is a little out of the box, why don’t you try using a small toy and glue it on the base ring? Lego figures or small keychains will work well with this. If you’re into a street chic and other funky styles, try making these toy rings and people will really take notice!

3. Try to stick a small locket on the ring base. Use a really strong glue for this. Insert pictures or even a secret note! You can even store a tiny microSD card in it! If you want your shiny pendant to look more vintage looking, take a black pen and paint the surface. Get a cotton ball, soak it in a little bit of polish remover and remove almost all of the black marking. The ink from the pen will stick inside the grooves of your locket. This creates the vintage effect that you’re going for.

4. You can also use flower poms made of paper for your rings. These will instantly enhance your feminine sense of style. These flower pom rings aren’t waterproof so remember to remove them before washing your hands.

Try making these rings at home! You can get the “base” rings and other items at crafts stores like Hobby Lobby or you can also get them online.

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