How To Turn Glass Jars Into Fantastic Holiday Decor

How To Turn Glass Jars Into Fantastic Holiday DecorHow To Turn Glass Jars Into Fantastic Holiday Decor – Image To Repin / Share
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If you have a lot of empty jars that take up a lot of space in your storage room, why don’t you bust them out and make DIY crafts out of them? 🙂 Our friends at Attainable and Sustainable created a tutorial that will teach you how to transform recycled jars into sweet decor! The link follows after our additional ideas.

Additional ideas:
1. Piggy Bank Jar – For jars that have a wider screw cap, create a vertical hole in the middle that’s big enough for you to easily drop coins in. Decorate your outer jar by printing out a label. You can write something unique like “New York Preserves” or “Hawaii Jam” (if you’re planning to save up for a trip). You can be as creative as you can. This will add an unexpected touch to your room decor.

2. Cute Flower Vase – Buy a small bunch of flowers and cut the stalks to fit in the jar. Fill the jar with water and you now have a lovely vase for your fresh cut flowers!

If you don’t like changing your fresh flowers every week, you can fill in the jar halfway with sand or pebbles or even some beads and insert a few stalks of fake flowers. Decorate your house with a few of these “flower jars” and your home will really spring to life!

3. Use For Candles – If you have scraps of wax from your old candles, melt them in a double boiler. Mix in a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil. Place the wick inside the jar and keep it straight by inserting the top of the wick in between a pair of chopsticks (get the ones that stick at the ends). Pour the wax in the jar and allow it to cool completely before using. Never let jar candles burn all the way to the end – and put them on an earthenware dish to be on the safe side.

4. Holiday Lights – Apply a layer of fake leaves on the bottom of the jar and scatter a few red fruits at the sides (you can use craft glue to keep them in place). Place a battery operated candle in the middle of the jar and you’ll have something that will light up your centerpiece table!

5. Candy Jars – Fill up the jar with candies (or dried fruit & nuts for the healthy option) so you can have something to munch on if you’re in need of a snack.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial: