DIY Mini Cookie Jar Tutorial

DIY Mini Cookie Jar Tutorial DIY Mini Cookie Jar Tutorial
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Polymer clay is a really popular material that is often used by many arts and crafts aficionados. We discovered a tutorial video by MoMosCafee that will teach you how to make minute chocolate chip cookies out of polymer clay! 😉

Trivia time: Bakelite (a form of plastic), was quite popular with designers in the early 20th century. It was the earliest form of polymer clay but it turned out to be quite flammable and was eventually discontinued. Polymer clays were then formulated to replace Bakelite. One of these formulations was brought to the attention of Kaeth Kruse, a German doll maker in 1939. Kruse gave some of this to her daughter, Sophie, who successfully used it as a modeling clay. The formula was then sold to Eberhardt Faber and was then marketed under the name FIMO.

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Miniature Jar Bottles
2. Brown Polymer Clay
3. Tan Polymer Clay
4. X-Acto Knife/Poly Blade
5. Tin foil
6. Toothpicks
7. Label
8. Glue Gun
9. Pastels
10. Paint Brush
11. Oven-Proof Tray
12. Eye Pin


1. This miniature cookie jar can be used in many projects. This can be used as a charm for a bracelet, or a pendant for necklaces. You can even attach a string and use it as a cellphone charm!

2. Make sure that the corked top is secure. Take a toothpick and dip it in a little bit of strong glue. Apply the glue on the rim of the bottle and close the cork top.

3. If you want a holiday-themed cookie jar, try using the brown clay and make “Gingerbread Man” cookies! This may be a bit time consuming but it’s worth the effort. Use an Exacto knife to form the Gingerbread cookies. You can also make Christmas tree icing cookies! Roll a thin layer of tan clay and another thin layer of green clay. Lay the green clay over the tan clay and make sure that the two layers stick together. With an Exacto knife, draw the shape of a Christmas tree and then decorate the tree with red and yellow dots (Use acrylic paint for this).

4. You can also make strawberry jam miniature bottles! Mix clear glue with a little bit of red coloring and fill the miniature bottle with it. Roll tiny balls of red polymer clay to resemble the strawberries. Add the “strawberries” in the bottle and use a toothpick to mix them together. Let the “jam” dry before closing the bottle.