DIY Safety Pin Bracelet!

DIY Safety Pin Bracelet!DIY Safety Pin Bracelet!
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Accessories can make a simple or plain outfit look stunning and put-together. We discovered a video by Nava Hannah that will teach you how to make your own (surprisingly cool) bracelet from safety pins.

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. 11/0 glass beads of any color (black and gold colors were used in the video)
2. Scissors
3. Black Elastic String that is at least 1 mm wide.
4. Safety Pins


1. For something that is made out of safety pins, this is such a beautiful-looking bracelet!

2. Create thicker bracelets by getting bigger safety pins and bigger glass beads. You could also alternate between gold and silver pins to make your bracelet look more interesting.

3. This is really perfect for arm candy. Arm candy is just a term used for stacking different bracelets to make your outfit look more interesting. The trick to doing the arm candy is to put together bracelets that are in the same color theme. So for example, if you want to use gold, pick bracelets that have a hint of gold in them. Try to match your gold accessories with clothes that are cooler-toned. As for shoes and bags, choose more neutral pieces. You should also balance out chunky accessories with thinner, delicate ones.

4. This bracelet, of course, has an additional function: It gives you “emergency safety pins”! If you are in an embarrassing situation like a broken zipper, lost button or torn shirt, this might save the day. All you have to do is to untie the knot and take out one of the safety pins! Desperate times call for desperate measures! 😉

5. Inserting the glass beads into the safety pin can be a bit time-consuming. Also, make sure that your workspace is safe from animals (especially cats). Place the beads in an area that isn’t slippery and where they can’t run away – and there should be ample lighting.

6. Keep the bracelet in a cool, dry place. Safety pins can get rusty so if you are washing your hands, make sure that your bracelet doesn’t get wet. If it gets wet (or you’re sweating too much), wipe it immediately with a cloth or tissue. Try to look for pins that are rust-proof so that your accessories will last for a longer time.

Ok, here’s the video: