DIY Tutorial: Heart Shorts

DIY Tutorial - Heart ShortsDIY Tutorial: Heart Shorts
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If you want to wear something cute, you will surely love this super-easy video tutorial by Bethany Mota. Create sweet hearts on your old pairs of shorts!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. A pair of old shorts
2. Fabric Paint
3. Painter’s Sponge
4. Heart-Shaped Stencils


1. This tutorial is not just for Valentine’s day. You can still wear them at any time of the year.

2. Ombre Heart Prints – If you want your shorts to look more interesting, try doing some ombre action! Take your stencil and place it on your shorts. With your painter’s sponge, dab it on white fabric paint. Blot out the excess and then pat it on the stencil. With another painter’s sponge, mix some of the white paint with another color of your choice. Blot out the excess and dab the paint on the stencil starting from the middle of the heart up towards the edge. Deepen the color on the tips of the heart. Take out the stencil and you’re done!

3. Hand Printed Hearts – Use your fingers (or any paintbrush will do) to create random hearts all over your shorts. Use different colors and let these shapes overlap. It will make your shorts look more alive.

4. Try It With Your Other Clothes – Try painting your jeans, T-shirts, and skirts with different heart shapes! Don’t wear them all at the same time though!

5. Try Other Patterns – If you don’t like to do heart shapes, you can always go for other patterns. Stars, stripes, and circles are just some of the shapes that you can try out. You can even combine some of these shapes together to create interesting prints!

6. Embroidered Patches – Another great idea is to use embroidered patches in heart shapes. You can stitch them on your shorts or you can also use a fabric glue. Try to use a combination of embroidered patches and painted hearts. This adds more uniqueness to your garment!

Ok, here’s the video:

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