Garage Turned Into A TINY HOUSE- The Rustic Modern

Garage Turned Into A TINY HOUSE- The Rustic ModernImages –

Garage makeovers became the most amazing inventions ever particularly if it’s converted into a lovely tiny house! When you are in a rich city and want to live in your perfect dream house, buying a real estate property is one of the few choices you have. The problem is that these properties are very expensive! But, worry no more. 😉 If you choose to be creative and inventive, you can build your own dream house for you and your family through a garage makeover. Think of a design and plan for it. You can decide freely on how you want it to look inside and out. We will give you an example of a perfectly made garage turned into a tiny house in Portland, OR — “The Rustic Modern” house.

Ok, here’s the video: