How To Hand Paint A Lightbulb

How To Hand Paint A LightbulbHow To Hand Paint A Lightbulb
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People of the olden days had to struggle through the darkness of the night. Candles and kerosene lamps were used to light up their homes and streets. The struggle for finding a light source that will last longer has been such a struggle for many inventors. Until one day, Thomas Edison was able to create a technique that enabled him to successfully make a working incandescent light bulb! If it weren’t for him, many people would not have enjoyed the benefit of having brightly lit nights.

Did you know that you can make something fun and colorful out of simple lightbulbs? This tutorial by Artists Resource will teach you how to paint clear lightbulbs!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Marabu-Decorglas Kit or any Glass Paints
2. Glass of Water
3. Blue Tack
4. Marabu Gold Outliner Pen
5. Peel-Off Stickers (Optional)
6. Tissues
7. Clear Lightbulb (Important – must be 40 Watts or Below)
8. Paint Brush


1. If you have kids, this will make storytelling time seem more interesting. For example, if the story is about animals, try to make simple drawings. Add some music to make the experience more worthwhile. Your kids will always be looking forward to story time!

2. This is also great for themed parties like an 80’s themed party. Draw colorful shapes on your light bulbs. Play some 80’s songs or fun 80’s music videos on your TV screen. Add some 80’s decor and you will have such a fun and awesome party!

3. This project is also great for Halloween. Draw ghosts and pumpkins on your clear light bulbs in order to get the creepy effect.

4. It’s important to get a clear lightbulb for this project because it makes it easier for the colors and the details to shine through. Opaque lightbulbs won’t be able to give the same effect that you want. It’s also essential to get lightbulbs in the same wattage as required in the tutorial.

5. Keep these painted lightbulbs away from small kids. For older kids, adult supervision is required if they want to make their own handpainted lightbulbs.

6. You can also hand paint other glass objects to create a stained glass effect. Try painting a glass vase. It will liven up your room decor for sure!

This project is so much fun to do! Ok, here’s the video: