DIY Tutorial: Studded Shoes

DIY Tutorial Studded ShoesDIY Tutorial: Studded Shoes
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Studded shoes are hot right now. They make your style look a bit edgier. There are a lot of studded shoes that are being sold in stores and if this is your thing it might take some self-control for you to not buy all of them! 😉

So if you want to be in style but also keep your money, here’s a tutorial by Stilababe09 that will teach you how to make your own studded shoes! It’s not that difficult.

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Something to Protect Your Working Area (Old Towels, Cardboard or Newspaper)
2. Sneakers
3. Studs
4. E6000 Glue
5. Pliers
6. Tweezers


1. This project is perfect for embellishing an inexpensive pair of sneakers. You can also do this with your canvas flats!

2. Galaxy Sneakers – With a black pair of sneakers, tape the bottom part of your shoes so that they wouldn’t be splashed or sprayed with paint. Use purple, pink, turquoise and white paint to create your galaxies. You can search on the internet for pictures of galaxies for reference. Once you’re done painting your shoes, stick some studs on certain areas where you want your “stars” to shine. You can also stick on smaller studs to add dimension to the design.

3. Aside from shiny studs, you could also go for other accessories – such as colored gem crystals. Line the toe area with gems and then change the lace with pretty white ribbons. This will instantly make your sneakers look more girly! Wear this with a pretty top and high-waist shorts!

4. If you have floral print sneakers or ones that are in feminine designs, you can stick some pearls on them to make them look more chic!

5. If you love painting, you can draw a nice picture and use the studs as accent for your art. If you don’t know how to draw, you can write a few words and use the studs to make it seem like the words are coming to life.

6. For those of you who are going for a more ethnic vibe, you can choose funky beads to decorate your shoes. The more colorful your beads are, the more fun your shoes will look!

Ok, here’s the video: