Fancy Paper Beads Mega-Tutorial

Fancy Paper Beads Mega-TutorialFancy Paper Beads Mega-Tutorial
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Paper beads are quite useful for different crafts projects. Not only can they be used for handmade jewelry, they can also be used to decorate different items! Don’t dispose your scraps of paper just yet! You can use them for this DIY project! We found a great video tutorial by Jenniebellie that will teach you how to do it. The video is below our additional tips and instructions.

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Sheets of Decorative Paper
2. Toothpicks
3. A Paper Bead Roller or A Toothpick for Making The Beads
4. Paper Cutter (or Scissors if you don’t have one)
5. Diamond Glaze
6. Drying Rack
7. Small Brush For Glazing
8. Metallic Paint
9. Colored Foil For Crafting or Nail Art


1. This is a very long tutorial but the steps are very comprehensive. You get to learn how to create different kinds of beads so that you get a lot of variety whenever you’re planning to create another project.

2. Try to use decorative paper to make your beads. This will make them look more unique. If you’re planning to make these beads for a future project, try to think of the colors and the textures that you want to go for.

3. Here are some fun projects that you can do with these beads:

Necklaces and Bracelets – Use different sized beads to create more variety with your accessories. Try using contrasting colors or you can also alternate a patterned bead with a solid colored one.

Embellish Your Stuff – Spruce up ordinary canvas bags by sewing in some of the paper beads. Arrange them on your bag in any way that you prefer. You can also decorate your canvas shoes! use a strong glue to attach the beads to your shoes or you can also sew them in.

More Fun With Recycling – If you have small boxes, cans or bottles at home, try to use them as a form of decorative storage items! Paint the boxes and stick your paper beads on them. If you want to make old cans look like wooden baskets, make paper beads out of brown paper. Cover the can with these beads and you will have a pretty pencil holder!