How To Make A Decoden Box

How To Make A Decoden BoxHow To Make A Decoden Box
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Japanese Decoden is getting super popular in recent years. The word Decoden is derived from the words “deco” (shortened form of Decoration) and “den” (from the Japanese word denwa, meaning “phone”). In essence, decoden is an overly decorated phone case, but somehow it has also transcended to other things like nail art, gaming systems and other things that you can decorate.

This tutorial by MissClayCreations will teach you how to make a sweets themed decoden box. You will have so much fun making this!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Plain Box
2. 3D Paint
3. Sealant
4. Scissors and Tape
5. Icing Decorating Tip
6. Sweets Themed Charms or Polymer Clays
7. Fimo Cane Slices
8. Sprinkles


1. If you are into sweets, this tutorial is perfect for you. However, if you want to go for something different, you can always make something that will fit with the one that you prefer. For example, if you want to make a cosmetics/beauty box for a friend, you can use old lipstick containers or cute nail polish bottles.

2. Have fun playing with polymer clay. You can make a lot of awesome stuff with it!

3. Experiment with other materials like lace, buttons, toys, faux flowers, and even small twigs! Depending on the theme that you’re going for, you will always have some material that you can use!

4. You can also make a sweet themed Decoden notebook! Use a plain notebook for this. Cover the surface of the notebook wth sealant. For the edges, use a star decorating tip to create a line of rosettes on the edges. You can also add more definition on the center of the notebook. Once you’re satisfied, you can now stick some of your “sweets”. Add some glittery confetti on the edges of your notebook.

5. Do the same technique on anything that you want to decorate. It can be a plain old picture frame or a candle holder. Try getting Decoden making kits online and be inspired!

Let your creative juices run wild by doing decoden! Ok, here is the video: