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Paper flowers are always popular when it comes to crafts projects. They can make anything look so fun and lively. It’s really easy to make your own paper flowers. We found this tutorial by Dozi Design that will teach you how to make some! The link follows after our additional ideas and suggestions.

Ideas and Suggestions
Once you’ve learned how to make these paper flowers, here are some crafts ideas that will surely bring more life to your room decor!

1. Party Favors – For party favors, you can buy mason jars (or you can grab all of your empty preserve jars) and then fill them with homemade cookies or sweets. Take a few bamboo skewers and wrap each skewer with floral tape. Make your paper flowers in different colors and sizes and then attach a flower in each bamboo skewer. Tie them together to form a bouquet. Place your bouquet in your mason jar.

2. Flowery Mini Rugs – Try to use the same technique with different fabrics. Look for old shirts or get interesting pieces of fabric at the store. Choose the colors depending on your preference. Make sure to sew the bottom of each rosette so that they won’t easily unravel. Sew these rosettes on another piece of fabric until you’ve created a mini rug that will look great on your dresser table!

3. Perfect Gift Toppers – If you want to make your presents look more put-together, try to make a few paper rosettes and arrange them on the corner of the box. Add a few ribbons and stick them under the rosettes. Place a card on the box and you’re done! 🙂

4. Sturdy Rosettes – Make your paper rosettes last longer by lightly coating them with some Mod Podge. You can also choose to lightly sprinkle some glitter on each rosette for that really fancy touch!

5. Lovely Artwork – on a piece of canvas, paint a simple picture of a pretty landscape. Stick your rosettes onto your canvas so that your artwork will have a more 3D effect.

Get creative by making your own paper flowers by clicking on the tutorial below!

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