How To Make A Blinged Deco Hello Kitty Phone Case

How To Make A Blinged/Deco Hello Kitty Phone CaseHow To Make A Blinged Deco Hello Kitty Phone Case
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We found a great video tutorial by Amy Santana that will teach you how to make your own Hello Kitty themed phone case! It’s actually quite easy to do!

Hello Kitty was created by Sanrio, a Japanese company. Hello Kitty was originally created for pre-adolescent females but the brand has broadened to include adult consumers. Hello Kitty is so popular among the masses that Bank of America even began to offer Hello Kitty themed checking accounts in 2009! [1]

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. E600 Industrial Strength Adhesive (can be bought at Michaels or other arts and crafts stores)
2. Phone Case
3. Nail File
4. Hello Kitty Phone Set
5. Rhinestones, Beads, And Crystals
6. Craft Tools


1. You don’t have to get clear phone cases for this project. A white case will also look great, or you could even go for printed ones.

2. If you can’t find any Hello Kitty crafts material, you can try making your own at home! Try to get some Hello Kitty stickers and get one that fits the size of your phone case. Set the sticker on your working table. Get some beads or crystals (Use Hello Kitty Colors!) and stick the beads on the sticker in a paint by numbers style. Once the glue is dried, stick the crystallized Hello Kitty on your phone case as preferred.

3. Another cute art idea is to take a picture of Hello Kitty and stick it on the inner part of the clear case so that the picture is shown through the back. Stick pretty embellishments like pink and white rosettes, cute crystals and even small fake flowers! Place these embellished pieces around the picture. This will look like a picture frame phone case!

*For this technique, file only at the areas where you would need to stick your embellishments on.

4. If you happen to have some broken Hello Kitty Jewelry (pendants coming off, cut bracelets, etc), you can use the broken pieces and stick them on your phone case.

Ok, here is the video: