How To Make A Unique Burlap Runner

How To Make A Unique Burlap RunnerHow To Make A Unique Burlap Runner – Image To Repin / Share
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Burlap (aka Hessian) has been used as an eco friendly fabric for bags, packages and other materials. It is a dense woven, rough fabric traditionally used as backing for linoleum, rugs and carpet. It was first exported from India in the early 19th century.

Did you know that burlap is also good for cute DIY projects? We found ths awesome tutorial by Far Above Rubies that will show you how to make a unique burlap runner that’s perfect for your tables! the link to the full tutorial follows after our comments and suggestions.


1. Runners can be bought in a lot of stores, but there are times when you just don’t have anything that fits with the design that you’ve envisioned. That’s why this tutorial is a great way to “feed two birds with one scone”. You get to have artistic freedom to make something that will fit with your theme and you also get to use eco-friendly material.

2. This is a great way to use any surplus fabric that you have at home. If you have printed fabrics, you can use them as an accent for your runner.

3. You can also get some fabric paint to add more color to the burlap. You can get patterns by getting a stencil/template and then pat your paint-soaked brush over the stencil.

4. These table runners are also great for decorating tables in restaurants or even in setting up a party. The design of the runner evokes such a nice summer vibe.

5. Try to attach small seashells at the edge of your runner. Drill a hole in each shell and then attach a string. You can also sew the shell on the edge of the runner.

6. You can make your own embroidery on the fabric if you want your table runner to look even more interesting. If you don’t know how to embroider fabrics, you can sew in some decorative buttons. Add some variety by getting buttons in various colors, shapes and designs. Try making your own unique burlap runner.

Ok here’s the link to the full tutorial: