How to Make Your Own Sleeve For iPad or Tablet

How to Make Your Own Sleeve For iPad or TabletHow to Make Your Own Sleeve For iPad or Tablet
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The iPad was such a revolutionary invention – a functional and easy-to-use bridge between laptop and smartphone. Since the release of the first generation iPads in 2010, many companies have also made their own tablets. Regardless of the kind (and brand) of gadgets that you prefer to have, it is important that you should take care of them really well… iPads don’t come cheap – and so it’s almost essential to keep them safe from damage by storing them in an iPad sleeve or a cover. We discovered a great video tutorial by TheCraftyGemini that will teach you how to make your own iPad or Tablet Sleeve!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Any Fabric Material of Your Choice
2. Foam Stabilizer (In-R-Form Plus)
3. Faux Leather
4. Wonder Clips
5. Hook and Loop Tape
6. Universal Size 90/14 Sewing Machine Needle
7. Sewing Machine


1. Before cleaning your iPad, turn it off first and remove anything that is attached to it. Take a microfiber cloth and use a specialty screen cleaner. Don’t use any other cleaning solutions and don’t even think of using water! It will just damage your gadget.

2. Some iPad sleeves can get really pricey. This tutorial will stretch out your imagination and you can make something that is uniquely yours!

3. Try using a fabric that you can paint on. Allow it to dry and use it on the outer part of the sleeve.

4. If you have an iPad mini or any other different-sized gadgets, you can, of course, adjust the measurements to fit your items accordingly.

5. Try using material that is durable.

Ok, here’s the video: