Tutorial: Quick DIY Beanie

Tutorial - Quick DIY BeanieTutorial: Quick DIY Beanie
Photo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha4c_MkRtAM

If you are having a really bad hair day and you don’t want to spend your time trying to fix it, wearing a beanie will save you from all of the emotional drama! 😉 This video by AndreasChoice will teach you how to create your own beanie at home using old knits and sweaters that you no longer use! Once you get the hang of making them, it’s quick and easy – and you can make more beanies for your friends and loved ones!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. Scissors
2. A sweater, knit skirt, or any item of clothing that has a stretchy banner.
3. Fabrik Glue/Stick
4. Fabric Glue Gun
5. Sewing Kit


1. This DIY is perfect for those items of clothing that are thick and stretchy. Sweaters, knit tops, and skirts usually have the stretchy texture that is needed for the project.

2. If you want your beanie to last longer, try to sew it instead. A basic running stitch will do the trick. Just make sure that you tie a secure knot once you reach the end of your stitch.

3. You could shop for some embroidered patches and sew them on your beanie to create a more personal touch. If you’re good at embroidering, you can create a design or monogram on the edge of the beanie.

4. For a more “glamorous beanie” (if you can imagine that), try to use a dark colored sweater and get some rhinestones at an arts and crafts store. Use a fabric glue to stick the rhinestones on and you will have a hat that looks so unique!

5. You could recycle the rest of the cloth material that you no longer use. Make a cloth bracelet or a leg warmer. You can also use it for more DIY projects! You can even make your own patchwork quilt if you really wanna get crafty.

6. Your hair would look extra nice in a beanie if it’s volumized. Use a volumizing mousse and style your hair as preferred. You can also use a curling iron to create beautiful curls.

7. Wearing a beanie all day can cause the top of your hair to get flat. If you want to fix up your “hat hair”, try using a dry shampoo and use a comb to “fluff up the volume”.

Ok, here’s the video: