Wrap Braided Charm Bracelets DIY

Wrap Braided Charm Bracelets DIYWrap Braided Charm Bracelets DIY
Photo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L18v_ylAIR0

Charm bracelets are quite common nowadays and it’s a trend that will probably never go out of style. People from the ancient times used to wear bracelets with all kinds of charms on them and they believed that these charms would bring them luck and prosperity. Charms were also worn as amulets.

Queen Victoria popularized the wearing of charm bracelets during her reign and in 1889, Tiffany and Co. introduced its first charm bracelet. This charm bracelet turned into an iconic symbol for the brand.

Here is a tutorial by Alejandra’s Styles that will teach you how to make charm bracelets out of leather cords and cute, whimsical charms!

Tools and Materials Needed:

1. 3x 32″ Leather cords (any color of your choice)
2. Clip
3. Charms


1. The clip is used to hold the knot while you’re braiding the cords for your bracelet. If you’re doing this alone, you can use a strip of duct tape and then tape the knotted tip on your work area. That way. you’ll be creating your braids without any trouble.

2. If you’re good at making polymer clay figures, you can make a bunch of super cute charms. Insert an eyepiece on each clay before baking so that you can easily attach it to the bracelet.

3. If you don’t have any charms with you or you cannot find the ones that you like to have, you can use large beads. Instead of inserting a charm after every 6th braid, try inserting a bead after the 3rd or 4th braid.

4. Lengthen the cord if you’re planning to use it as an anklet.

5. You can use different colored leather cords to create a unique looking charm bracelet.

Ok, here’s the tutorial video: