DIY Five Dollar Thrift Store Ottoman Makeover

DIY Five Dollar Thrift Store Ottoman MakeoverDIY Five Dollar Thrift Store Ottoman Makeover – Image To Repin / Share
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An ottoman is a piece of furniture that is made of a padded, upholstered seat or bench and it usually doesn’t have any back or arms. It’s often used as a stool or a footstool. Some people even use it as a coffee table.

The ottoman was brought to Europe by the Ottoman (or Turkish) Empire in the late 18th century. It used to be the central piece of family seating and was piled with cushions. It was first designed as a piece of fitted furniture that wrapped around three walls of a room. Later on, it evolved into a smaller version that fit into the corner of a room.

Hihh quality ottomans don’t come cheap but you can get great deals by looking through sites like Ebay or visiting thrift shops and garage/yard sales.

If you do get lucky, you might score a really cheap ottoman like the one that was bought (and eventually reupholstered) by our friends at DIY Inspired. An old and tattered looking ottoman is now transformed into an amazing piece that will definitely bring life to your living room!

You can also do the same technique on other upholstered furniture. Try to look for material that goes well with the theme of your room. For example, if you’re into minimalist styles, you can opt for a black or a white fabric. If you want to get a mix of whimsical and feminine trends, try to look for those fabrics that have more interesting prints.

Here are some tips that will help you find the best ottoman:

1. Determine the size and the shape of the ottoman and try to find one that will go with the kind of look that you want for your room.

2. The choice of fabric is also important. If you have small kids, you would need an ottoman that has a durable, stain resistant fabric. You can also buy a slip cover for easy cleanup.

3. Inspect the bottom of an ottoman to ensure that the joints are sturdy and well constructed.

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