Big Flower, Zipper Pouch And Rolled Flower Necklace

Big Flower, Zipper Pouch And Rolled Flower NecklaceBig Flower, Zipper Pouch And Rolled Flower Necklace – Image To Repin / Share
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I have a confession to make: I am such a sucker for floral stuff! There’s something about it that brings out the girly girl in me. So you can imagine me squealing over this super cute tutorial created by our friends at A Barefoot Day. This tutorial will teach you how to create rolled flowers (and how to use them)!

The Flowered Zipper Pouch:
Zippered pouches are quite useful especially if you want something to store your make up and other essentials. If you don’t have great sewing skills, you can get simple pouches that you have in your collection (for those who are subscribed to a Glam Bag or other monthly subscription services, you’ve probably collected a lot of pouches by now). Use your handmade floral embellishments to add more character to your pouches.

If you want to make your own zippered bag, try to use a plain canvas material. You can have the option to paint on your canvas bag before adding the embellishments. This project is perfect for parties or gifts. You can fill these pouches with goodies and give them out as party favors.

The Rolled Flower Necklace:
The necklace looks especially lovely when you stick your rolled flowers on them. You can add more character to the design by gluing some fake pearls in the center of the flowers. You can also add bigger beads in between the flowers. Try wearing this necklace under a collared shirt and you will surely look so dressed up!

Handmade Flowers For Other Projects:
Handmade flowers can be used for other DIY projects. You can practically decorate anything! You can attach this flower to your hats, scarves and even simple shirts! Change up the color if you want variety. If you have a simple headband, use a glue to stick a few pieces of flowers on it. You can also stick a tiny flower on a ring (make smaller ones for this). There are just so many options to choose from!

Bring your creativity to the next level by learning how to make your own rolled flowers.

Ok here’s the link to the full tutorial: